Metal Recycling


We make sure that new raw materials are created from metal scraps. For almost 70 years, we have been specialising in the proper and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of scrap metal, non-ferrous metals and end-of-life vehicle bodies, as well as their complete return into the raw materials cycle. On our business premises, we have comprehensive storage and handling capacities with an electronic 60 tonne weighbridge, several excavators, forklifts and countless special tools. The material you deliver or that we collect is carefully sorted by us, put into interim storage and charged to a charging quantity, so that it can be used again as raw material by steel mills and foundries. Naturally we also offer individuals the opportunity to dispose of their household scraps with us.

We are certified as a waste management facility according to § 52KrW-/AbfG. This certification enables us to work to our usual high standards, and gives our clients the security and proof that they have made the right choice with us as disposal partners. As a waste management facility according to § 52KrW-/AbfG, we are every year reviewed by a publicly appointed and sworn expert. The certificate is valid for 2 years and can be found on the Downloads page.

We serve our customers every day with various container and crane trucks every day. Our customers appreciate the absolutely uncomplicated and very fast order processing at our warehouse.

Our field of work also includes industrial demolitions, dismantling and clearing operations – please contact us.

Metal purchases


We primarily differentiate between the following types:


  • Mixed scraps: Scraps, unsorted metal sheets, pipes, angles, beams, small assemblies and machines, construction steel (reinforcing steel)
  • Heavy scraps: Heavy scraps with a wall thickness of at least 6 mm, e.g. beams, pipes, machines, bulkheads, railroad tracks, guard rails
  • Metal sheet scraps (melted iron): tumble dryers, stoves, lawn mowers, motor vehicle sheets and attachments, bicycles, scraps with adhesions, steel boilers
  • Cast iron scraps: Brake drums and brake discs, certain cast iron boilers and machine parts

Precious metals


  • Isolated copper cables
  • Light copper such as motor windings, tin-plated and chromium-plated copper, copper with light adhesions, etc.
  • Copper shavings
  • Heavy copper such as guttering, weathered sheets, pipes, Berry (weathered, oxidised and dismantled copper cables without insulation)
  • Copper solids such as moulds, workpieces, half-finished goods, etc.
  • New copper such as sheets and pipes, bare and without any adhesions
  • Millberry (cold uncoated copper cables and copper – bare and without any adhesions or oxidation sites)


  • Heavy brass such as taps, valves, mixers, thermostats, fittings, sheets, etc.
  • Copper-brass radiators
  • MS 58 and MS 63 (high-end alloys used in the manufacturing industry)
  • Red brass and bronze (an even higher copper content than MS types)
  • as well as shavings from these alloys and erosion wires


  • Aluminium crockery (with adhesions up to approx. 8%)
  • Cast aluminium, e.g. machine parts with adhesions up to max 8%
  • Aluminium sheet-metal scraps without Fe
  • Aluminium rims
  • Aluminium sheets, new
  • Blank aluminium profiles, new
  • Blank offset aluminium

VA scraps

  • V2A scraps
  • V2A shavings
  • V4A scraps
  • V4A shavings


  • Titanium zinc alloy sheet new and old lead
  • Balancing lead
  • Writing lead tin
  • Tin slags pressure casting zinc

This is only a general overview of the most common metals that buy. The prices are set according to the current daily prices for precious metals and monthly prices for irons.

You can request the current prices on Tel. 0 78 21 – 9 23 77 40 or simply use our enquiry form.